The Art of Hillview

Art plays a major role at Hillview. We recognize the therapeutic powers of art and encourage our clients to express themselves creatively. We offer a variety of classes to help clients find their artistic voice, including arts and crafts, music and poetry. Each year we present an art show featuring the works of our clients and staff. This event takes place during Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

Visitors to Hillview encounter art from the moment they arrive. We commissioned artist Michael Amescua to design our steel driveway gates, which feature butterflies, birds, reptiles and flowers. Mr. Amescua entitled the piece “Gates of Empowerment.” He said his design represents “strength and movement in keeping with Hillview’s mission of empowering people and helping them to move forward with their lives.” The project was financed through a City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs program.

Our reception and entry areas feature a colorful array of mosaic tiles entitled “Laura, Scattering.” Artist Robin Brailsford created 58 unique tiles incorporating glass, gold and porcelain, inspired by Yuzan Chinese folding papers. This commissioned work was made possible by donated funds.

If you would like to support the arts at Hillview, please click here to donate.